Storridge Church, An Historical Tour

The Architect and the Builder

Both the church and the vicarage were designed by the Worcester architect, Frederick Preedy, who was responsible for much ecclesiastical design in Worcestershire in the last half of the 19th century – at Madresfield the church, school and several cottages still show how Preedy’s work influenced the development of the village. Storridge Church and parsonage house were built by another local man, George McCann, whose family business built many houses in Malvern when the water-cure caused it to expand into a fashionable Victorian spa town. Eventually, through the marriage of Sarah McCann and Thomas Broad, McCann’s business became merged with the well-known local firm of Thomas Broad.

The church, a superb example of the Gothic revival style, was positioned alongside the old turnpike road from Worcester to Hereford (now the A4103), close to the eighth milestone.