Storridge Church, An Historical Tour


Welcome to Storridge Church, Christian worship has taken place on this site for over 160 years and many visitors find a peace and sense of history within the building and its grounds that helpfully facilitates reflection, meditation or prayer.

This tour introduces the visitor to some of the most interesting parts of the church and it’s history.

How to use this tour

To find your way around the tour please use the ‘forward’, ‘more info’ and ‘back’ buttons in the bottom right corner of the screen.

(On touch screens it is also possible to move between the main parts of the tour by ‘swiping’ left or right)

On screens where an audio commentary is available ‘playing / paused’ and ‘rewind’ buttons will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen (The audio feature is designed to be listened to via headphones or via a ‘smart phone’).

Above the ‘text panel’ on most sections there are two tabs to allow you to switch between the text panel and the map panel. The map panel will indicate the location in the church that relates to the information in that section.

If you are using a large screen you may wish to ‘double click’ on the main image to display a larger version of the picture so that you can see more detail.


Welcome map